How to Assemble your Personal Team of Advisors

Lorrie Nielson
2 min readJul 5, 2022

It is very important for successful people to put together a team of skilled advisors who have plenty of knowledge and resources. Having a team of advisors is important because this will provide successful people with protection in case of any situation. Finding the right team could be challenging considering a good personal advisory team should include professional people with many skills and abilities who are also very trustworthy, dependable, and reliable. Fortunately, there are certain steps people can follow to ensure they pick the best advisory team for their personal needs and wants.

The first step to getting the right team of advisors is figuring out your purpose and what you value so that your advisory team will be able to offer good guidance and advice. It is also important to get all important documentation together so that your team of advisors can see that you are organized and serious. It can also be handy to remember the challenges you have faced and may continue to face so that you can have the strength to go forward with your advisory team no matter what.

The next important step to creating a good team of advisors is to take a good look at all the professionals in your network including attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, bankers, contractors, and realtors. Then, decide which of those professionals can best advise you to become more successful by taking the time to evaluate each person thoroughly. That means searching online for personal references and reviews that can really show each potential advisor’s character and skill set.

After taking the time to choose the professional candidates that you believe are best to advise you, it is time to interview your choices. There should be a list of questions ready for each candidate before the interviews take place. Those questions should consist of things that have to do with the potential candidate’s challenges, experiences, values, customer service, finances, and more similar issues. The last step to putting together a good personal team of advisors is to spend time with each professional candidate you have selected to discuss your expectations and goals so that your advisors can always provide the right assistance.