How to Pack Efficiently

Lorrie Nielson
3 min readJun 8, 2022


In addition to all the challenges associated with planning a trip, packing is usually the last thing on a person’s mind. When it comes to how you pack a suitcase, efficiency is key and can make a world of difference. Unfortunately, it’s all so easy to over-pack or even under-pack if you wait until the last minute. In this guide, there are packing tips and organization tactics to ease a traveler’s stress when it comes to packing for a trip.

Roll your Clothes

One of the easiest ways to fit more clothes into your suitcase is by rolling them. Although it may seem like a waste of space, this method actually saves you a lot of space. You can start with larger clothes such as pants and jackets, and then go for smaller items like tops and t-shirts.

Packing Cubes

If you still have a lot of clothes that need to be rolled, consider using packing cubes. These are great for keeping your clothes organized and can increase the amount of space in your suitcase. Many stores, such as Bed Bath and Beyond and TJ Maxx sell these containers in the checkout line.

Travel-Sized Toiletries

Traveling doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your favorite shampoo and face wash from home, even if they don’t sell your favorite brand in travel-size bottles (usually 3 ounces). Prior to your trip, try purchasing some empty travel-size toiletry containers. Check out this set we found on Amazon.

Packing Shoes

Shoes can take up a lot of space, but they can also be great for packing. Getting shoes into your suitcase can be challenging, especially if they have dirty soles. Try using a shower cap to contain any dirt that may be on your shoes. You can also put them at the bottom or along the sides of the suitcase to make them more compact. Utilizing the space inside your shoes can also make for some additional room in your suitcase.

Wearing your Bulky Items

Although it may seem like an obvious tip, wearing the shoes that take up the most space in your suitcase will also help you save a lot of space. For instance, instead of packing your boots into your bag, try wearing them on the plane. Just like wearing your largest shoes while traveling, wearing the items that take up the most space will allow you to pack more items or make your suitcase lighter.

Versatile Options

When you have packing restraints, it’s not always the best idea to bring your most colorful clothes with you. Instead, try packing neutral tones or clothes that can fit a wide range of activities. For instance, try to avoid carrying multiple pairs of shoes for every outfit you’re wearing by planning ahead.

Create More Room

When your suitcase appears full, zipping it up and compressing the items inside will help create extra space. This will allow you to squeeze more clothes on top. If abundance is your goal, you could be adding a whole new outfit to your trip by doing this.

While these tips may seem small and ineffective, they can add up and create extra space. Implementing some of these techniques next time can help ease some of the stress of travel.

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